Interview van Zornik

Over mezelf

It's all happening for Koen Buyse and his band ZORNIK. In 1999 their appearance in "Humo�s Rock Rally", Belgium's most famous rock contest, didn't stay unaware. Although they didn't win this famous rock contest, their energetic performance, highly powerful and dramitic songs, and Koen Buyse as a passionate leader and gifted singer-songwriter caught the eye of Capitol Belgium (EMI).

Zornik recorded a first EP "Love Affair" which hitted the alternative charts for weeks in 2001. The second EP "It's So Unreal" was accompanied by a "very nice video featuring two famous Belgian actresses doing it the French way in an elevator"... Zorniks third single "Hey Girl" was released in December 2001 and rocked the No 1 position in the alternative charts. That year Zornik won the TMF Award for Most Promising Band of the year and they were nominated for Best Rock, Best Song and Best Video.

In February 2002 , Zornik released their debut album "THE PLACE WHERE YOU CAN FIND US". The album kickstarted and headed straight for the No 1 position in the national album charts! Once again, the Summer single "You Move Me" got loudly applauded by the fans.

Zornik promoted the album with a big tour and played at all important festivals (Pukkelpop, Marktrock Leuven, EuroRock Neerpelt, Eurosonic Groningen, A2A Amsterdam, Rock Werchter, Dour Festival, Lokerse Feesten...). Furthermore Zornik played almost 20 shows in the Netherlands, festivals in Germany and Austria (Bizarre, Hurricane, Southside...), toured in Norway, Denmark, Sweden (with Muse ) and the UK. In October 2002, Zornik was rewarded with a TMF Award for Best Rock Band.

In 2003 Koen Buyse and ZORNIK started preparing their second album. Producer Phil Vi-nall (Placebo, Feeder�) knew the band was preparing new material and they decided to team up. Phil had previously recorded in an excellent studio in Malta. Zornik moved for several months to the Temple Studios in Malta so they could get a clear focus on their new songs�

The album "ONE ARMED BANDIT" was released early 2004. Singles Goodbye, Scared of Yourself and Believe in me headed Studio Brussels's alternative charts for more then 25 weeks during 2004...this never happened before. Again , all main festivals were on the tourlist last year so that it was no surprise the album was rewarded with the Gold Award at the beginning of 2005.

Whilst recording 'One Armed Bandit' in Malta, Phil convinced Koen of his capabilities to make an accoustic album. ' Alien Sweetheart' was released late 2005 and , as always, singles ' I feel allright' and 'Keep me down', were very successful again. The release was followed by a theatre tour on which Zornik perlormed, together with Steven Kolacny on piano and a band of 4 violin players at 25 sold out venues throughout Flanders. The 2006 festival season was m mixture of old Zornik hits, combined with some accoustic songs from the album, but also trying out new songs....and these new songs rocked again, as never before. Meanwhile, Tom Barbier ( Lemon) joined the band to give a more powerfull, real live effect on stage. In October 2006, Zornik received not less then 4 TMF Awards: best rock, best live, best album and best male vocals. Again, Koen, Bas and Davy headed for Malta where they recorded the new album 'Crosses', produced by themselves and kicking of with 'Black Hope Shot Down', a true rock&roll explosion.
In 2009 they released the best of album "4 million minutes of Zornik".
After a short break, Zornik will release a new single in May 2010!

Koen Buyse Vocals, Guitars, Synthesisers, ProTools�
Bas Remans :Bass
Davy Deckmijn: drums
Tom Barbier: keyboards & guitar.