Groezrock is an annual music festival that takes place in Gestel, a part of Meerhout, Belgium. It started out as a small rock and pop festival with a few hundred people attending, but has evolved into a large punk rock festival, with attendances now exceeding 30000 over 2 days. Since 2003 there have been stages in 2 marquees. The second stage, Back-to-basics-stage, is reserved for more hardcore oriented bands. Since 2006 the festival has taken place over 2 days, and has two stages. In 2007 the …

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2.095 bezoekers sinds 19 januari 2011.

Wedstrijd: 10 combi tickets te winnen + camping!

De wedstrijd is afgelopen. De winnaars werden op de hoogte gebracht via een privé-bericht.

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MacBeth Stage @ GROEZROCK

Kicking off right now: The best competition of the year! That's right Guys and Gals! Macbeth Shoes is inviting your band to enter into the greatest battle of bands ever, the most Rock 'n Roll competition in history, your chance to become a …

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