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dinsdag, 1 maart 2011 om 23:59 door Hans Maes

Kicking off right now: The best competition of the year! That's right Guys and Gals! Macbeth Shoes is inviting your band to enter into the greatest battle of bands ever, the most Rock 'n Roll competition in history, your chance to become a Rockstar!

Always dreamed of playing a gig at a huge rock festival? Here's your band's chance to rock the Macbeth stage at Groezrock Festival

The question is... Does your band have the Macbeth Factor?

There’s only one way to find out: Go to Macbethfootwear stage @ GROEZROCK and sign your band up before March 14th show us what you've got

Totally 14 bands will be invited to play the Macbeth stage at Groezrock in front of a panel of professional music industry judges.

The opening act for Friday will be chosen by LIMBOLINK and the opening act for Saturday by VI.BE. Besides that Rock One magazine from France will add a French band and OOR magazine from the Netherlands will add the 14th band to the line-up.

The winning band will get Macbeth shoes & tees for the whole band and the chance to support 1 of the Macbeth family bands at a club show in the future as well as exposure in numerous European magazines.

Last but not least Groezrock offers the winning band a spot on the official 2012 line-up!

Find out more details on Macbethfootwear stage @ GROEZROCK and get ready to ROCK !


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